Jacco Weijers

I am Jacco Weijers born in 1971 in Noord Holland and currently living in the beautiful Westerbork in Drenthe. Engaged in music from a young age. My interest is in different areas, world grooves, electronische beats, tribal music, percussie, new age. I started actively playing in the mid-90s in local dance halls and discotheques where I was able to develop myself in line with the audience. I specialize in different styles such as it free form dance (barefoot danceon Worldmusic shamanic-trancedance, ecstatic dance.

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1985 –   2006 dj in Clubs
2006 – heden Shamanic Trancedance Dj Vanaf
2007  – DJ op verschillende Festivals:
2007 – 2012 Shamanic-Teachings (Valthe)
2011 – 2012 Eigentijds Festival Kuna Festival (Vierhouten)
2016 –  Kuna Festival (Dwingeloo)
2016 – heden Vrije dansavonden (Drenthe)
2017 – Ecstatic Dance (Hart van Drenthe)
2017 – NataraJ (Eindhoven)
2018 – NataraJ (Groningen)
2018 – Ecstatic Dance, Shamanic Trancedance, vrij dansen, 40+ dansen
2019 – Ecstatic dance, Shamanic Trancedance,

Events 2019

24 nov
Shamanic Trancedance Sneek

13 dec
Shamanic Trancedance Assen (link naar event)

Agenda 2020

12 jan 2020
Shamanic Trancedance Sneek (link naar event)

2  feb 2020
Shamanic Trancedance Sneek (link naar event)

09 feb 2020
Ecstatic Dance Groningen

29 feb 2020
Shamanic Trancedance Assen

Music genres

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Free form dance events

I can be booked as a DJ for that free dancing evenings on world music, and tribal grooves.

The free dance evenings are characterized by dancing barefoot and the friendly atmosphere in connection with others.

You can fill in the contact form below to contact me.

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Ecstatic Dance

You can book me as an ecstatic dance DJ for one ecstatic dance experience, I use everything that can be used to bring the experience to a climax, with this different rhythms, moments of silence and a mix of newage and primordial rhythms. Let yourself go completely in a safe setting where it doesn't matter how you dance, show respect to each other and make deep connections with yourself and your fellow dancers.

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Shamanic Trancedance

While attending awareness training I came in contact with shamanic trancedance, after I had experienced this special ritual a number of times in dance, and received many insights, the inspiration came to me as a DJ to develop this ritual and music and to organize workshops , I am currently giving this together with my wife Ellen, I use various music styles including percussion, newage,


Fill in the form here to contact Jacco Weijers

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