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About Jacco

Jacco is a passionate DJ and plays a mix of shamanic, tribal, percussion, electronic beats and new age, and all other kinds of music that connects all music together.

The inspiration comes from working with several shamans from every culture. He organize several events Shamanic Trance-dance from 2008 with Ellen.

He played from the early ’90 at different places like clubs and festivals. At 2017 he play’s at barefoot party’s and from 2018 at Nataraj Eindhoven / Groningen & Ecstatic Dance Drenthe & Groningen and Shamanic Trancedance

Hope to see you on the dance-floor!


Shamanic  Dance

While attending consciousness training I came into contact with shamanic-Dance, after experiencing this special ritual a number of times in dance, and gaining many insights, the inspiration came to develop me as a DJ in this ritual and music and to organize workshops , I currently give this together with my wife Ellen and other organisators, I use various music styles including percussion, newage.

Free form  Dance

I can be booked as a DJ for free form dancing evenings on world music, and tribal grooves. The free dance evenings are characterized by dancing barefoot and the friendly atmosphere in connection with others. Below you can fill in the contact form to contact me.

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